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Readers Gallery
Enjoy these bird photographs kindly sent to us. If you have an interesting bird (or other wildlife) photograph or drawing you would like featured here, please email or post to address on Contact Page. Many of the images below have been produced using the digiscoping method - if this is new to you, read our FAQ - "What is Digiscoping?" by Andy Bright for a brief introduction, or Digiscoping:The Basics, by Richard Ford for a more detailed look at this fascinating activity.

We are now offering a small prize each month to the photographer of the picture that specially catches our eye - it doesn't have to be a technically great picture, (although it could!), but perhaps show some interesting behaviour. The prize will be awarded entirely at our discetion, and will vary. Potential sponsors, please contact us here!. This month, the prize (The Birdwatchers Companion), is awarded to David Wilford for his picture of a Blue Tit
(see below).

*** Click on any photos to see larger image ***

Blue Tit by David WilfordPHOTO OF THE MONTH
Blue Tit
© David Wilford
Lovely portrait of a bird with character and 'attitude'!

Starling by S. SwallowStarling
© P Scoullar
Well captured with a Canon 20D and 70-300 lens.

Robin by Rosemary SpoonerRobin
© Rosemary Spooner
Robins are one of Rosemary's favourite subjects - this is a nice one of a singing bird.
Moorhen by Les ChaseMoorhen
© Les Chase
We liked this composition with the large green leaves, taken at Chatsworth House.
Short-eared Owl by Steve FryerShort-eared Owl
© Steve Fryer
A fine portrait taken in County Durham with a Canon 20D and 100-400mm.
Puffin by David PuntonPuffin
© David Punton
Trennish Isles, west of Mull.
Goosander by Bill FauldingGoosander
© Bill Faulding
Taken in Yorkshire.
Goldcrest by Bill FauldingGoldcrest
© Bill Faulding
Good view of the often hidden crest.
Great Spotted Woodpecker by David CampbellGreat Spotted Woodpecker
© David Campbell
Taken at Warnham NR, W. Sussex.
Treecreeper by David CampbellTreecreeper
© David Campbell
Also at Warnham NR.
Green Woodpecker by Ann Marie MorrisGreen Woodpecker
© Ann Marie Morris
A nice view from from the bedroom window.
Reed Bunting by Nic ReltonReed Bunting
© Nic Relton
Feeding with finches by brooke in Buckinghamshire.
Ringed Plover by Martin WilsonRinged Plover
© Martin Wilson
Taken with a Canon 10D on Foulness, Essex.
Mallard by Jeff ShepherdMallard
© Jeff Shapherd
Taken at Chorlton Water Park.

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