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Readers Gallery
Enjoy these bird photographs kindly sent to us. If you have an interesting bird (or other wildlife) photograph or drawing you would like featured here, please email or post to address on Contact Page. Many of the images below have been produced using the digiscoping method - if this is new to you, read our FAQ - "What is Digiscoping?" by Andy Bright for a brief introduction, or Digiscoping:The Basics, by Richard Ford for a more detailed look at this fascinating activity.

We are now offering a small prize each month to the photographer of the picture that specially catches our eye - it doesn't have to be a technically great picture, (although it could!), but perhaps show some interesting behaviour. The prize will be awarded entirely at our discetion, and will vary. Potential sponsors, please contact us here!. This month, the prize (The Birdwatchers Companion), is awarded to Ashley Dunning for his picture of a Tree Sparrow
(see below).

Time to StareNext month, the Photo of the Month will have a guest judge - wildlife photographer Ray Armstrong who has just had a book of his photography published - 'Time to Stare' - a copy of which has been donated by publishers Grice Chapman as the Photo of the Month prize.

*** Click on any photos to see larger image ***

Tree Sparrow by Ashley DunningPHOTO OF THE MONTH
Tree Sparrow
© Ashley Dunning
Not a bird many of us see regularly - lovely colours. Cowpen Bewley Woodland Park, Tees Forest taken with Canon 300D and EF100-400mm.

Crossbill by Steven FryerCommon Crossbill
© Steven Fryer
Nice shot of a female Crossbill taken at Duridge Bay, Northumberland with a Canon 20D 100-400m lens.

Lapwing by Marjorie ScoullarLapwing
© Marjorie Scoullar
Spring cleaning! Nicely captured with a CAnon 20D and 100-400 lens.

Treecreeper by Dave TaylorTreecreeper
© Dave Taylor
Dave was pleased to finally get a decent image of this hard to capture bird.

Waxwing by Robert TurnerWaxwing
© Robert Turner
Robert captured this winter beauty with a Nikon Coolpix 8700 near his Aviemore home.
Slavonian Grebe by Stephen ToonSlavonian Grebe
© Stephen Toon
Stephen was surprised and pleased to find this smashing bird in Derbyshire.
Nuthatch by Jeff HollandNuthatch
© Jeff Holland
Clumber Park, Notts with Canon 300D and 300mm.
Bullfinch by AJ & CherylBullfinch
© AJ & Cheryl
Washington Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust reserve.
Chaffinch by Audrey TurnerChaffinch
© Audrey Turner
Tajen with a Coolpix 5700 in her Aviemore garden.
Shoveler by Ken PanchenShoveler
© Ken Panchen
DIgiscoped with Leica APO 77 and Nikon 4500.
Red Squirrel by Jean HughesRed Squirrel
© Jean Hughes
Red Squirrel having breakfast in Jean's  garden at Boreland, Lockerbie. It was taken using an Olympus E500 SLR.
Shag by William JacksonShag
© William Jackson
Anglesey, Wales in April.
Starling by Liz BarrettStarling
© Liz Barrett
Starling having a bad hair moment! Liz's website.
Peregrine by Steven FryerPeregrine
© Steven Fryer
Pigeons beware!

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