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Readers Gallery
Enjoy these bird photographs kindly sent to us. If you have an interesting bird (or other wildlife) photograph or drawing you would like featured here, please email or post to address on Contact Page. Many of the images below have been produced using the digiscoping method - if this is new to you, read our FAQ - "What is Digiscoping?" by Andy Bright, one of our regular contributors to this section.

Click on any photos to see larger image

House SparrowHouse Sparrow
© David W Oddy
Taken in Lincolnshire. We liked the simple composition and colours in this image. (Previous photo of the month winner).
© David W Oddy
Taken in Lincolnshire.
Spotted FlycatcherSpotted Flycatcher
© Matthew Cox
Taken with Nikon E4500.
© Laura Bimson
Taken in Menorca.
© Clive Maxwell
"Like many of your readers I have been inspired by people like Andy Bright to try my hand at digiscoping. Here is my first half-decent picture, of a cormorant."
Gt Crested Grebe by Margaret BartonGreat Crested Grebe
© Margaret Barton
"I didn't see the chick until I viewed it on the screen.
Taken with a fuji finepix 6900z digital camera."
Frogs Mating Frogs
© Sean Gray
Sean took this fine composition while out for a walk in West Yorks. We love the graphic element the spawn adds. (A previous Photo of the Month winner)
© Margaret Barton
Nice sudy of a young Robin.
© Jamie MacArthur
Taken in Cornwall this spring.
Arctic TernArctic Tern
© Eric Haswell
Eric took this nice portrait on the Farne Islands this spring with a Nikon 4500..
Little OwlLittle Owl
© Sean Gray
Taken with nikon coolpix 4500 and nikon scope. The owl was sat in an apple tree on the RSPB Old Moor reserve.
© Jamie MacArthur
Potrait of a Swallow, also taken in Cornwall..
© Neil Dyson
Changeover at a bird feeder creats a whirr of colour - taken using a Canon D30 with a Sigma 100-300mm zoom.
Canada GeeseCanada Geese
© Laura Bimson
Pennington Flash Leigh Lancs 05/06/03.
Great Spotted WoodpeckerGreat-spotted Woodpecker
© Cheryl Easton
Great Spotted Woodpecker photographed in garden at Auldgirth near Dumfries.
© Cheryl Easton
Cheryl found this bird dazed after flying into a window at her home. It recovered after a drink and rest.
© Tommy
Wheatear, taken at Spinnies Nature reserve near Bangor.
Barn OwlBarn Owl
© David W Oddy
Taken around midday in Lincolnshire, through car window with a simple digital camera.