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Readers Gallery
Enjoy these bird photographs kindly sent to us. If you have an interesting bird (or other wildlife) photograph or drawing you would like featured here, please email or post to address on Contact Page. Many of the images below have been produced using the digiscoping method - if this is new to you, read our FAQ - "What is Digiscoping?" by Andy Bright, one of our regular contributors to this section.

We are now offering a small prize each month to the photographer of the picture that specially catches our eye - it doesn't have to be a technically great picture, (although it could!), but perhaps show some interesting behaviour. The prize will be awarded entirely at our discetion, and will vary. Potential sponsors, please contact us here!. This month, the prize (book on Bird Photography), is awarded to Bob Ball for his picture of a Grey Wagtail collecting food
(see below).

Click on any photos to see larger image

Grey WagtailPrevious Photo of the Month winner
Grey Wagtail with food
© Bob Ball
A fine potrait taken at Cromford in Derbyshire 2/5/04 with Nikon D70  80-400vr lens.
Broad-billed SandpiperBroad-billed Sandpiper
© Garvey
Nice shot of this rare wader was taken in Staffordshire on the 9th of June 2004.
Grey HeronGrey Heron
© Jason Hurst
Jason sat for hours by a canal under a camouflage net and was rewarded with this shot with a captured perch.
© Newton
Lovely bright picture taken in back garden using an Olympus C750uz.
Spotted FlycatcherSpotted Flycatcher
© Cathy Hargreaves
Unaware of the nest, the hanging basket had been watered daily but the young family survived!
© Dave Taylor
Excellent study of a Razorbill on its breeding cliffs.
Yellow WagtailYellow Wagtail
© Martin Best
Black headed race of Yellow Wagtail taken in Kosovo, where Martin works for the UN See more of Martin's wildlife photos at:
Corn BuntingCorn Bunting
© Martin Best
Singing bird - also taken in Kosovo.
© Sue Bennett
Attracted to the garden with peanuts, this bird shows off its colourful plumage.
Green WoodpeckerGreen Woodpecker
© Paul B King
Feasting on ants on the lawn.
Turtle DoveTurtle Dove
© Geoff Walker
An unusual but welcome visitor to Geoff's garden in N. Yorkshire, taken with a digital Olympus C750UZ at maximum zoom.
Mute Swan cygnetsMute Swan
© Louis Joyce
Taken by canal in Exeter with a Nikon D70 with a 300mm lens.

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