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Readers Gallery
Enjoy these bird photographs kindly sent to us. If you have an interesting bird (or other wildlife) photograph or drawing you would like featured here, please email or post to address on Contact Page. Many of the images below have been produced using the digiscoping method - if this is new to you, read our FAQ - "What is Digiscoping?" by Andy Bright for a brief introduction, or Digiscoping:The Basics, by Richard Ford for a more detailed look at this fascinating activity.

Guide to Digital PhotographyWe are now offering a small prize each month to the photographer of the picture that specially catches our eye - it doesn't have to be a technically great picture, (although it could!), but perhaps show some interesting behaviour. The prize will be awarded entirely at our discretion, and will vary. Potential sponsors, please contact us here!. This month, the prize (A Birdwatchers Guide to Digital Photography by David Tipling), is awarded to Pat Dean
(see below).

*** Click on any photos to see larger image ***

Goldfinch by Pat DeanPHOTO OF THE MONTH
© Pat Dean
One of a series that Pat (who describes herself as an aged grandmother!) has taken of squabbling Goldfinches in her garden. Nikon D70 + 400mm.

Great Crested Grebe by Viv JonesGreat Crested Grebe
© Viv Jones
Both parent and chick look very punk!

Gannets by Les CaseGannets
© Les Case
The large gannet colony on Grassholm off the Pembrokeshire coast.

Grey Wagtail by Victor MarshallGrey Wagtail
© Victor Marshall
Taken in Victor's Oxfordshire garden.

Broad-bodied Chaser by Steve WellsBroad-bodied Chaser
© Steve Wells
Intricate beauty on this male dragonfly taken at Linford Woods. Canon 350D.
House Sparrows by Steve WellsHouse Sparrows
© Steve Wells
Hey! Don't forget me!
Sand Martin by Greg TappendenSand Martin
© Greg Tappenden
After lots of pics of holes, Greg was rewarded with this one as the bird shot out. Taken from inside a nearby car.
Mistle Thrush by Greg TappendenMistle Thrush
© Greg Tappenden
A busy time for parents - Greg says they were looking pretty ragged! With a Canon 1D MkII.
Hooded Crow by Joseph RiceHooded Crow
© Joseph Rice
Just outside Oban, with Canon 300D.
Yellowhammer by Michael DawsonYellowhammer
© Michael Dawson
Nr Gateshead with a Canon 20D and Sigma 50-500mm
Willow Warbler by John KinsellaWillow Warbler
© John Kinsella
John produced this shot on a budget set-up of a £49 Tasco scope and a £99 Acer camera! Taken on the banks of the river Mersey.
Grebes by Stephen ToonGreat Crested and Slavonian Grebes
© Stephen Toon
Looks like a bit of a mix-up in this courtship display between two species!
Ring-necked Parakeet by DavidRing-necked Parakeet
© David Morgan
Ring Necked Parakeet feeding on the flowers of a Horse Chestnut tree. Nikon D2x and a 300mm f2.8 with 1.7x converter
Redshank and Coot by Quentin GoodmanRedshank and Coot
© Quentin Goodman
Redshank defending its nest at Summer Leys nature reserve in Northants against
a Coot - quite vigorously!

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