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Enjoy these bird photographs kindly sent to us. If you have an interesting bird (or other wildlife) photograph or drawing you would like featured here, please email or post to address on Contact Page.

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Skye and Lochalsh
Flights to Shetland

Readers Gallery

We offer a small prize each month to the photographer of the picture that specially catches our eye - it doesn't have to be a technically great picture, (although it could!), but perhaps show some interesting behaviour. The prize will be awarded entirely at our discretion, and will vary. Potential sponsors, please contact us here!.

WINNERS - This month, we couldn't decide between Robert Hardy's Short-eared Owl and Alec Martin's Bearded Tit so are awarding both the prize as joint winners. Other stunning images that came very close are Keith Bannister's lovely winter portrait of a Robin and Dean Eades's Temminck's Stint. Thank you to all the photographers who contribute.

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  • Dunnock  Mark Huntley
  • Nuthatch  Bogdan Boev
  • Herring Gulls  Mark Greaves
  • House Sparrow   Allison Medcraft
  • Blackbirds  Shirley Roulston
  • Chiffchaff  Ian Rose
  • Mute Swan
  • Whoper Swan  Stewart Laflin
  • Magpie  Robert Hardy
  • Great Grey Shrike  Robert Ascew
  • Black-headed Gull  Mark Greaves
  • Peregrine  Terry Pickford
  • Great Shearwater  David W Badcock
  • Mallard  Dawson Hulme
  • Wilson's Petrel  David W Badcock
  • Cuckoo  Bogdan Boev
  • Tufted Duck  Dave Lock
  • Jackdaw  Rosemary Spooner
  • Blackbirdn  Mary Mackins
  • Starling  Beverley Duckworth
  • Lesser SPotted Woodpecker  Susan Hadnett
  • Red Kites  Richard Curtis
  • Mute Swan  Samantha Hall
  • Kingfisher  Brendon Mooney
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